01. About Us

Who We are

Ferrometal Group is a company with more than 25 years of experience in international trading of ferrous and nonferrous metals including naval scrap, steel and iron. Ferrometal Group  has a long experience in financing and advisory infraestructure and industrial projects in Middle East, East Europe and Africa such as hospitals, recycling plants, renewable energies and water purifier plants.

In the last years the main focus of Ferrometal Group has been dedicated in developing a promising project about a vessel dismantling and recycling plant that will take place in Africa. This technology has the capacity to recycle all kind of ships and offshore platforms through a non-contaminating process meeting the requirements dictated by different UN agencies like ILO and IMO regarding working conditions and environmental protection.

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02. Services

What We offer

Ferrometal Group is able to appoint the services of a recognized, high-quality engineering or construction firm to oversee our Clients projects. We work with only the most experienced companies and professionals in the field, who will implement the project efficiently and with the highest degree of excellence.

We also boast international connections with countless firms exporting all types of equipment such as manufacturing, processing or medical equipment, building materials, and many other products your company may require to carry out your project such as marble, cement, chemical and paint products.

Ferrometal Group can make financial transactions for all type of industrial projects, having 25 years od experience in this field.

03. Technology


Ferrometal is a foreign trade company based in Spain, a leader in the metal and shipbuilding industry. It is a company that develops the project of a modern and AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY plant for dismantling and recycling ships and offshore platforms, based on its patented technology.

This project is valid for any country in the world in which it identifies an area of coast with a minimum surface of 200 hectares, a sea front of more than 1500 meters and a minimum depth of 10 meters in the vicinity of the shore. Respectful of nature and the environment, Ferrometal pursues in addition to the technological benefits of each project, to boost the economic, social and industrial development in the area of implementation of each project.

Ferrometal gives a worldwide solution for dismantling ships and oil rigs in green and modern recycling plants using its own cutting edge technology to favor the safety of the worker. Concerned about nature and environment it complies with the current international environmental regulations. The engineering and construction of the project is developed by a prestigious marine and port engineering company with a presence in over 13 countries.

The vessel dismantling and recycling plant has a production capacity of 2 million tones of naval steel per year, which is achieved through a process of automated cutting which enables the dismantling of large ships and oil rigs.

The project also includes a waste treatment plant in which s ship waste is processed. Each waste is treated following a specific process and applying the latest technological advances. This project is unique worldwide for its annual production capacity of naval scrap as well as its technological know-how, worker safty and environmental protection.

Its mission is to serve as the first green ship dismantling and recycling plant of large vessels and thus proposing an alternative and reliable solution for ship recycling which is currently carried out under least favourable conditions in Southeast Asia; The Ferrometal project is unique due to the advanced equipment and technologies used.

04. Projects

Vessels and offshore platforms dismantling and recycling plant

A promising project that will have the capacity to dismantle and recycle 2 millions metric tones of naval scrap per year will be the world largest and effective ships dismantling and recycling plant. This plant will be developed in Africa (Senegal).The construction  will start on March 2018, and need two years to complete all the installations.The inauguration is expected on March 2020. 

Ferrometal technology is able to dismantle and recycle up to 50 offshore platforms per year converting them into scrap metal. This unique technology also reaches the requirements and obligations cited by different international agencies about non-contamination and working conditions.

Parallel to this plant there will be an oil-refined plant and a Hazardous and Non Hazardous waste recycling plant that will complement the ship dismantling plant.By the time this project is finished, Ferrometal Group will be able to close deals with worldwide metal buyers through long time agreements. Also we are looking for collaborators that would be interested in bringing ships for recycling to our facilities.Ferrometal Group can make financial transactions for all type of industrial projects, having 25 years od experience in this field.

The project in Senegal

The project in Senegal: Ferrometal is the company promoting the first industrial project in Leone, in collaboration with the Rural Community of Potou РCommunauté Rural de Potou Рand the Louga Regional Council РConseil Regional de Louga Рin order to boost the economic, social and industrial development of the area.

Ferrometal is the licensee of 315 hectares of coastal land in the Town of Potou, Louga Region, where the project will take place.

The project in SENEGAL complies with the international regulations of ship dismantling and waste treatment regulations applicable in any country of the world. Therefore the installation of Senegal will be identical to those which Ferrometal developed in other countries.

The activities that will be developed in the plant are equivalent to those of a shipyard: maintenance, manufacture and repair; Activities well known by the Senegalese in the shipyards of Dakar and which has always been a benefit for Senegal.

The investment of Ferrometal in Potou,means a strong economic and social impulse in the region. 500 direct jobs will be created with a training program for workers in the industrial plant.

Plant workers will receive training in the specialty of naval plant operator and will learn an industry profession for the future. In the framework of the project, and as it collects the Protocol signed with the local authorities, Ferrometal commits itself to build a town for the workers  with 2000 social housing units, a 14 km road, a hospital with 150 beds, a school, a social dining room and an orphanage.The total investment is around 195 million euros.

The economic activities in the area, such as agriculture, will remain viable in the vicinity since the plant will be a confined instalation and; in addition, it will generate electricity and will purge the water thus ensuring the supply to neighboring towns. In short, a future project for the Region of Louga and for Senegal, which will be a good start for the development of the Senegalese industrial base, which will provide a future trade for thousands of young Senegalese.

Ferrometal has granted from the Government of Senegal the permit for explotation of an agreggate quarry of 45 hectares for a period of 25 years. Ferrometal has also the permit of exploitation of a high quality clay quarry  of 100 hectares for 35 years with possibility of prologation of 20 years.

Ferrometal is develloping a mineral water plant in Linguère, Senegal and a corrudated cardboard plant with a capacity of 300 millon cardboxes yearly.

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