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About The Company


Ferrometal Group is a company with more than 25 years of experience in international trading of ferrous and nonferrous metals including naval scrap, steel and iron. Also has a long experience in financing and advisory infraestructure and industrial projects in Middle East, East Europe and Africa such as hospitals, recycling plants, renewable energies and water purifier plants.


In the last years the main focus of Ferrometal Group has been dedicated in developing a promising project about a vessel dismantling and recycling plant that will take place in Africa. This technology has the capacity to recycle all kind of ships and offshore platforms through a non-contaminating process meeting the requirements dictated by different UN agencies like ILO and IMO regarding working conditions and environmental protection.

Ferrometalgroup was constituted in 21/11/1951 and has done investment of 40M in several lands and industrial projects.
Industrial projects and lands:
– 315 hectares of coastline in the Atlantic sea near the border of Mauritania, for renewable energy which cost 19M euros.
– Mango juice factory
– Exploitation of 50 ha of clay for brick factory, 3,350,000 euros at the quarry side.
– Bottled water factory in romania, transylvania