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A promising project that will have the capacity to dismantle and recycle 2 millions metric tones of naval scrap per year will be the world largest and effective ships dismantling and recycling plant. This plant will be developed in Africa (Senegal) and will be constructed (turned-key) in 2.012 with an investment estimated of 550 millions Euros.

Ferrometal technology is able to dismantle and recycle up to 50 offshore platforms per year converting them into scrap metal. This unique technology also reaches the requirements and obligations cited by different international agencies about non-contamination and working conditions.

The project guarantees the creation of 1.500 jobs so it promises an important social and economy impact at the region where it will take place. Parallel to this plant there will be an oil-refined plant and a recycling plant that will complement the ship dismantling plant.

By the time this project is finished, Ferrometal Group will be able to close deals with worldwide metal buyers through long time agreement. Also we are looking for collaborators that would be interested in bringing abandoned ships to our installations.

The second stage of this project will be the construction of a metal foundry beside the plant that will have the capacity of processing naval scrap and will provide Africa with all kind of metals. This project will also be developed in other area such as Europe (Spain), Latin America, Asia and Middle East in the near future.

The cost of each project is around 570 millones Euros and guarantee around 2.000 jobs in each country.

Ferrometal Group is the owner of 315 ha costal land in Senegal for 98 years ,  in which this project can be built.

Also, This same Land can be used to build a logistics port, or for building a photovotaic solar farm.

Ferrometal Group is operating an aggregate quarry in Senegal, which was inaugurated in October 2016.

Ferrometal group  is also operating a gold mine in Senegal.